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Ruby Blue was an ardent Devotee of Swami Vishnudevananda

Ruby Blue met Swamiji as she came to Yoga camp in 1967. Swamiji was changing the oil of vehicle. He comes out from under the car wipes His hand off on His shirt puts His hand out to greet and says, “ Hi, I’m Swami Vishnudevananda. She said, “ He was genuine.”

Ruby Blue said,” There are 2 kinds of people in an Ashram, “ High class and no class.”

I asked Ruby, “ Who is teaching the 4:00 class ? She says,” King Kong if they could find him !”

Her husband Henny did everything He could to help Swami Vishnudevananda. He wasn’t a yogi per say but the best well-wisher. One summer day after a few year They met 15 feet from me while I was reading a book. They hugged and both men had tears of joy. They were very human, I liked that.

Sometime Swamiji would get excited during a lecture and if He couldn’t think of a word the older women in the audience would yell out the proper word, He would use the word to make His point and everybody was happy.

One day Ruby Blue is at the Yoga Ranch teaching class and Swamiji invited himself into the class to make a correction as He was teaching His group of people, She kicked Him out of Her class and says, “ I’m teaching these people over here, you go back over to your class and teach them.”

He left. Those woman kept everything running. They were the best.

I made a place for Ruby Blue to sit down in 1981 and we were life long friends towards the end of her life we would talk every few weeks and she told me everything about my future as I was her 3rd son.

We were there as she laid there in her last days, We did Jaya Ganesha and a proper sendoff. Swami Karttekeya was there and literally brought Swamiji into the room. It was beautiful.

Rama & Som Bihari from Toronto kept Swamiji when He came there. She could directly talk to Swamiji. When He said He was leaving for the last time to spend His final days in India, she says, “ No you’re not you’ll be back” ( to Canada) and He was.

If an Indian feast was made at the Yoga Camp it was the best and there was always plenty to eat. To have Satsang 2 x a day and the Yoga camp schedule was very nice.

Ruby and I spent the weeks at Yoga camp walking down to the local store and talking or I was listening about what she was thinking. It was the best time of my life.

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