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Sadhana Path

The Lord who is everything then what more can one showoff himself/herself or anything before him/her as everything which are received from and by their kind mercy only then what is there more still remaining to express out by activities.

Every one says that Lord can be attained through selfless LOVE only, NO DOUBT, yet instead of attaining him/her their efforts are with many kinds of showoff for pleasing him/her to fulfill their desires and they do it for self-centered only and there is nothing harm on it because child eventually go to his father/mother fist to get his/her problems solved.

One should remember that what exactly he/she wants because while fulfillment of materials desires and in these courses he/she forgets to attain him/her (The Lord) but get involved excessively into it only and thus remains incomplete. Problems Solving through Puja, Mantra-Tantra-Yantra, Rituals, Tirath and etc are just a matter of results of deeds (Karma Fal) which cannot helps to attain the Lord because it is used for exterior side whereas attaining Lord is completely interior aspect.

If one attains the Lord successfully and uphold the power within then rests received knowledge/power can be brought into the practice as ways of functions such as Puja, Ritual,Tirth, Japa, Dhyan, Sadhana, Yagya etc. etc. are then there for social development in a better way and getting their desires fulfilled to live material life also happily.

Selfless LOVE is Bhakti and all efforts to attain the Lord while in bhakti is Sadhana which helps one to get enlightened spiritually yet even after enlightenment which is JUST A BIGINNING further way to walk is there to attain the Lord and that is SADHANA PATH.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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