Yoga aspirants who are excited to join Yoga class to learn Yoga teaching and enhance their practices under proficient Yoga master, must understand few important things which must be taken in their consideration before they start their Yoga classes. It is important because in the course of time, you’ll find these things working as additional help to get you to put your efforts in a proper way. There is nothing wrong being excited for your Yoga journey as it is something which has deep link with your being and will surely going to get you in tune with your inner self but at the same time you must be conscious enough to be quite comfortable on your mat.

#1. Wear Simple, Think Higher: It is important to take care of your clothing while you are on your mat in the class because if you wear comfortable, it will help you working with the postures without being disturbed. For example, you should avoid wearing belt or jewelry as they might get into your comfort while you are practicing Yoga postures.

#2. Every Posture is Unique: You must understand that your body is unique and so you should honor your physical condition and avoid comparing yourself with other students in the class. For each individual, Yoga offers benefits as per the level of practice. Everyone is unique in their expertise of certain Yoga postures which has been acquired over time and efforts.

#3. Let the energy get transferred: It is very important to let the energy which has raised through the Yoga practices to absorb completely into yourself and work for the benefits of you, as a practitioner. The energy to work, it required to be still for sometime after performing Yoga practices by lying down in savasana or Yoga-nindra as they helps your energy to get absorbed and move in a way benefiting yourself.

Source : Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

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