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How wonderful to find a facebook-like interface for the yoga community. The power of the Internet to bring people together is quite miraculous. I have a large local spiritual community in Seattle, but I'm prone to wandering the globe, in and around India mainly, and this site feels like a good way to connect with people on similar spiritual journeys. That is one of my favourite things about traveling in the East. We may not be on the same path, but we are on similar journeys. We've given up our notion that the West has it all figured out and we're trying on ancient wisdom. We're walking the talk and there is a bonding that occurs with that. I hope to share the journey with some of you. Namasté
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  • Whomsoever I think they are excellent people. Some of them would have reviled me. Today I pray for them as my relationship is Soul to Soul relationship.
  • The first relationship has to be with one self. You must have a very clear relationship with yourself, knowing why you feel the way you do, why you think in particular way. The first step is to be aware of your own self. This relationship can give you everything you nedd, more than a hundred other relationships.
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