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10/2/2010 Excerpt from my daily blog:

"Swami Sivananda's Famous Glance"

Swami Sivananda’s famous glance was given to people doing something out of the ordinary. Something “off the wall, absurd.”

He would lift His glasses, rest them on His forehead and close one eye that was the signal and everyone working in the office was alerted and probably entertained !

He would take a gold coin and put it into His mouth and write for 5-6 hours. He wrote from his own experience.

If He saw you were arguing with someone He would ask you to type an story about anger.

He had 13 people around the office typing at any given time.

Guests came in the office looking for Swami Sivananda, He was there working but the guest came back out and said, “I came here to see Swami Sivananda.”

The reply, “You just came out of the office, He was there working.”

He would keep a box over His feet so you couldn’t touch them.

He could be fierce. If you weren’t going to take His advice, He wasn’t interested.

People wanted to donate money to make books as they would be on the first page with Him in a photo. It was great advertising ! That’s how He funded his books. He never asked for money and there was never any extra money.When He died the Ashram account had $ 800.00. There was 400 feeding there !

He never let people go to extremes, He did that when He was in seclusion for 12 or 13 years ( I don’t remember) where He also always kept His medical bag and was His entire life.a doctor if needed.

Swami Chidananda said, “There was never a time when He wasn’t trying to help someone.”

Swami Vishnudevananda said, “ Master’s skin was so soft, when He smiled His whole body was full of energy, I never met anyone like Him.”

Swami Satchidananda said, that Master Sivananda admonished him for meditating in the cold. Swami Sivananda told Him, He did that and that is what wrecked His body, He advised Him not to go to extremes.

Master first taught health and hatha yoga to have health.

Swami Sivananda’s body had lumbago,His body was diabetic. He wore rubber shorts at the end of His life because of diarrhea.

His body had Karma to work out. Many of the saints had major health problems.

The Saint’s vibration are totally different, they aren’t attached to their bodies.

Master once went to a town, someone remarked “That the people in the town were not very spiritual.” He said, “ I don’t know about that, when I was there they were all dancing.” ( 30,000 people)

Swami Sahajananda said, “ He could predict events. He would maybe advise you not to take train and stay a few more days at the Ashram.” The next day the trains had a wreck and some people were killed.

Master once said, “ You could have self-realization in the twinkling of an eye.”

Another time He said, “ If you do everything I say you can have self realization in 6 months.”

Swami Sahajananda asked, Gurudev if He could see God in this lifetime and He said, “Yes.”

Papa Ram Das told Swami Sahajananda the same.

Master told him, “ You need to learn to type and make tea.” Karma yoga”

Swami Sahajananda and Dr. Sivananda Advaryhoo were the greatest Karma yogis ever produced From Master Sivananda’s disciples that I have met. There main focus was service.

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