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Swamiji while walking to school if He saw a Frog in a snake’s mouth He would tap on the snake’s head with a stick to free the frog. He knew it was nature’s way but not while He was there and He could see the frog in distress.

One day at Yoga Camp while looking out His window Swamiji noticed a bug in a spider’s web. Swamiji asked the staff member to remove the bug from the web.

Swamiji had to have a dog put to sleep as the dog couldn’t live due to an accident. That really bothered Him, but He did it. He took the dog to the Veterinarian’s office.

Animals would freely come to you usually looking for food. There were families of animals that would arrive for dinner and they were fed. They were allowed to eat the Compost before it was covered. They are part of the Ashram.

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