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Swami Vishnu's first book before the CIBY.

This book was printed in Hong Kong in 1957. I think he went to Hong Kong first upon leaving Rishikesh. Master Sivananda gave Him ten Rupees and said, " Everything you need is in these rupees..." The rest is history! Lost of photos, Swamiji tells how many to do of each posters and the benefits. It's pretty wild, a very good book. Swamiji told us in the 1980's he did Asana's & Pranayama whenever he was angry or mad about something. He did leave the Ashram two times, once for a weekend and someone went and brought Swamiji back. The next time He went away for a year and a half. Swamiji said it was the worst time of his life but Master had to break His ego. Swamiji came back and expecte to have is prior service at Master Sivananda's servant but Master pointed out to Swamiji, "Look over there I have another person to take your place." Swamiji's heart was broken but that was the situation. What a great lesson. Swami Vishnudevananda went to all the satsangs with Master, now he was replaced.

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