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Swamiji said Master Sivananda gave the knowledge to Him and He gave it to us." Swamiji wanted us to practice as there were enough Preachers in the world. Swamiji would always do Asana & Pranayama whenever he got mad at the Ashram, so you can imagine He was pretty good !!! His own practice in the cave was to do Pranayame 0600, 1200,1800, & 2400 for 2 hours at a time. They called Him Swami "Monkeyman" as He always had pets/monkeys in the Ashram. Swami Chidananda once pretended to lift up a rock to scare away the monkeys and Gurudev came down on him hard, " Is this your idea of Ahimsa ... Never do that ... Sivananda could be fierce, Swami Radha said...Swami Vishnu was a man of extremes and He wanted to find out results from Yoga that were practical. He told Ruby Blue and us that we were the first generation in the History of mankind/womankind to have all the Yogas taught to them.Swami Sivananda was the most UNORTHODOX Swami in the most Orthodox place, Rishikesh. When He gave Sannyas (Swamihood) to women that really upset alot of people. Sivananda countered " Where are you going to go where there aren't women, and where do you come from?" (Your Mother !!!)Swami Vishnu & Swami Sahajananda both said ( 1980's)that the Srimad Bhagavatam states that the women will begin to run the universe." He would take Swamiji and others over to Dr. Sivananda Advaryhoo's medical lab while he was doing a human dissection and said looking over the body, " You want to get pleasure from that ..."Sivananda told Swami Radha the famous dancer who became a Swami in 1956 "That if you have relations with someone you have to come back in another lifetime and marry them."( It's a great answer for all the dysfunctional relationships in the world ! )Master taught for most people to have regulated lifestyle, a little of this and a little of that )Ruby Blue the summer she was alive told me the whole Yoga trip was about Karma, that no one can out run theirs ... She started in 1967. Such great wisdom.If any Swamis were caught going against their vow of celibacy,Master would give them mala beads and told them to chant 4 hours a day." Women hold up half the sky. "Ruby Blue said to me, " I know Swamiji taught you to go to Sivananda but Vishnudevananda is where it is at ..."She had stopped going to the Ashrams as they ( the leaders )weren't living up to Swamiji's instructions. You could not call her on the phone until 1430 in the afternoon as that is what time she was finished her Sadhana. She lived to be 89.She did everything that was asked of her.One day at the Yoga Ranch they opened in 1974 She was teaching class and Swamiji was teaching His class across the way. He comes over to Her class and begins to make corrections in Her class. She tells Him to get out of her class and that she would correct her class and He needed to go over to his class !When Swamiji taught He didn't say too much, He let you cook in the Asana & He wanted you to chant your Mantra.Narayani & Hari Markman of the "Sivananda Companion to Yoga " once gave a demonstration for the Saturday night Talent Show, it was the best and everyone clapped. Swami Vishnu said, " When you come to this Ashram you learn to stand on your own 2 feet." Such Wisdom.A woman got a spoon and went in the freezer and began eating ice cream out of a big 5 gallon container. Caught by Swamiji, He told her she could take that container and eat it all be herself. He was mad as it was for everyone and it was not offered to God.Swamiji said He like Canada as they could say anything and practice Yoga un abated. In India He hated it as He was very famous and everyone wanted money or favors from Him.Ruby Blue had a family of 3 little kids and was getting deep into Yoga, She went to Swami Vishnu and said, " I don't if I'm doing your TRIP or my TRIP, Swamiji said," You are doing the Right TRIP ...)In 1984 Swamiji taught the entire ATTC course the first time He had ever done that, He says I shouldn't show you this but ... He stretches His arm out and has all the blood go into His left hand, it got very big, then 10-12 minutes later He moved all the blood into His right hand and the Left hand was normal size again. He took His shirt of to do Pranayama and his entire belly and rib cage moved up and out.Truely amazing.In the 1980's Swamiji had heard and seen everything and was full of wisdom. His lectures were very fitting for the West.***** It's time to feed the animals ... Geese, squirrels, and, birds ...GopalGregg Hillwww.japanesemassage.net
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  • I spent an afternoon with Ruby Blue towards the end, you could see a whole lifetime of following her Guru. 4 of the old crew went to the hospital and gave her the proper send off. I spent my Yoga time in the 80's with her, that was the best. Chandra says you are doing very well, I'll see you this summer. Bharat has published 3 400 page books on Yoga and still has a weekly TV show. 35 years and teaching 3 classes a week, we still have monthly Satsangs. Ruby & Bharat kept me straight. Look at the Photos I posted you are there 1973 ! Peace.
  • gregg, thanks for these anecodotes. It is wonderful to see your love for swamiji and ruby.
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