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I think He had a very hard life. Quite a task to bring Yoga to the West. Look at ALL the Yoga there is today. It’s everywhere. In the 1980’s the only place you could openly teach was in a Unitarian church. In public institutions they had to give you space. Swamiji wanted practitioners not preachers. Everything He said has come true except Nuclear war. I was quite fortunate to know Him. Ruby Blue, the last time I saw Her said, “ I know He told you to go to Sivananda and that is right but Vishnudevananda is God.” We both had tears of joys as we knew that this was the last time we would see each other. We met in 1981 and She said, “ I was her 3rd son.” She saw & heard the movies and lectures and She was glad to know HOW Swami Vishnu was going to be introduced to the next generation.

What’s ironic is that the older generation of Swamiji’s followers have heard He & Master Sivananda’s message of Unity & Diversity but because they have all the “Baggage” they can’t go and participate in a weekend Reunions etc. Only the younger generation can freely mix.

Swami Sahajananda echoed the same message, “Only Sivananda could keep the peace.”

I have kept my thoughts open to every sincere practitioner of every tradition whether I like that tradition or not. My parents taught me that, way before yoga.

Too be insecure and really only like your own is very boring.

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja a “Hare Krishna” Guru is in His 90’s and on His death bed. He will initiate anyone and gave me and the group I was with a hard sell about how we needed Gurus etc. I wasn’t interested.

I was doing business in Oakland and His organization was having a “Bhakti Fest” which was a Grand affair. The cops came in on stage to arrest someone was the only interesting side show !

While I was there I was asked to work on Swami Narayan Maharaj as He had a hearing problem from a fall in Hawaii. I went on His morning walk, (He walks very fast) and then I gave him a Japanese Massage. We had a perfect session, I then proceeded to work on 4-5 of His entourage.

What His followers said about His Hearing was not right, I found nothing wrong but for me to be able to massage someone like him was a once in a lifetime experience.

Whatever path He followed, He did everything right. If I ever could have one ounce of His love, you could see it in His eyes, He had it, He was a Master.

When He came out for His day’s walk all His followers bowed to Him , it was very crowded, He came over to me looked me directly in the eye and said, “ Gregg, How are you today ? Fine, Swamiji, How are you today ? He nodded and said, “ It’s going to be a fine morning and we went out on a walk.

He has thousands of followers and He has trained them in the Vaisnava tradition. There Kirtans just jam, those Kirtans are very nice.

I have met 4 very evolved human beings, He is one of these people the others are :

Swami Vishnudevananda 13 years

I knew Him. After my first full day of Yoga camp, I said “I’m going to do this Yoga.” That was 30 years ago.

Dr. Sivananda Advaryhoo ( Sivananda’s famous Eye Surgeon)

One week at Yoga Camp 1986 ( I wanted what He had ! )

Swami Sahajananda (Divine Life Society South Africa )

I worked next to Him for 4 months, He encouraged Me to talk to Him. He was a Master. He asked Sivananda If He could see God in this birth, Master said, “He could.”

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaja

It’s sad to me there a no woman on my list but that’s my karma as the women on the Spiritual paths are much more evolved than the men. The Rupal Gajjar’s and the Ruby Blue’s were light years ahead of any man I have met on this earth.

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