Traditional Yoga has eight folds or eight limbs and asanas (postures) are one of the eight limbs of classical Yoga teachings. Patanjali Yoga Sutras clearly state that postures should be steady as well as comfortable, asanas must be firm but relaxing to help the practitioners to be more conscious of their body and mind along with the outside world to be tuned with the inner and outer world. As an aspirant, one must remember that there are 12 basic Yoga asanas and all these Yoga postures have more than just stretching to offer to the Yoga practitioners. Once you invite Yoga in your life and allow it to work for you through various postures, you’ll experience and enjoy the benefits which include opening of energy channels, activation of psychic centers and chakras of the physical body while strengthening the bones and increasing the flexibility of spine while stimulating the immune and circulatory systems.

When synchronized properly with breathing techniques (pranayama), the Yoga postures work to offer tranquility of the mind and help to manage emotional disturbances like stress and anxiety, even trauma cases can be handled efficiently when applied in a proper manner. Yoga practices ensure complete physical health and mental well-being to its regular practitioners by helping in prevention of many chronic diseases related to body and mind.

Encourage Non-Competitive Approach during Yoga Classes
Yoga, with all its benefits, helps the participants of Yoga classes to become more flexible and calm with all the variations of Yoga postures and meditation techniques included in the syllabus. It is very essential for the participants to avoid competitiveness while doing Yoga because every individual has their own level of performance and it is not good to compare with others in the class. One should focus on own practices rather than comparing with somebody else.

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