The power to concenterate[Pranayama]

By practicing Pranayama,one can achieve concentration which is very essential in our daily life. For this sit in padmasan i.e cross legged and take your right thumb to close your right nostril. Then slowly draw in air through your left nostril. Now close your left nostril too with the ring finger of your right hand.try to hold on the air as far as you are comfortable.Then slowly you release or exhale this air out from the right nostril by remaving your thumb.Now, you repeat the same way with your left nostril .This way you make one Pranayam.For beginners, to start with ,you may try making two pranayams and then slowly you may increase it to four or five.By doing this regularly you can observe the change in you. Your whole body feels refreshed with your concentration power becoming more stronger and overallhealthy look.The results will be better if this can be practiced early in the morning after answering nature's call in empty stomach.In case you feel like having a cup of tea and biscuits, then you wait for another thirty minutes.Pranayam is the most simplest of all in yoga and can be done by all.
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  • In addition one caution for all and that is please do not try to hold breath beyond few seconds and specially those who are having slightest BP/hypertension etc MUST not try to hold at all.
  • In pranayama the scientific and most natural breathing is very essential. if you are having shallow breathing or narrow or half hazard breathing on e cannot achive the trans position or ultimate satisfaction in pranayama. The whole nosal cavities should be cleaned with nadi shodhana and one has to reach the balanced mode of hormones in body. similarly if your resaptors on body and sensors under the skin are ready, our neuro-transmitors start working in full swing and one can get enjoyment of ultimate spiritual satisfaction because one can approach the higher level to contact cosmos energy, which is very very pure energy. The correct way of breathing helps our body to satisfy our every cell and tissue to immunise and reguvanate for channellising the bio-energy and elctro-magnetci fields to work its full strength to generate more bio-energy in our body.The correct posture and natural surrounding helps oneself to reach that spiritual satisfaction which most rushis use to attend. The higher inter co-relation of all nine systems of body can be only achived by correct way of breathing. This is very user freindly technique whic one can develop by himself only by practising more and more and more only with total involment........thank you
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