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We should understand that there is no such technic to learn about love, peace, meditation/yoga but one can receive them by totally surrendering with full of devotion and love. It is very unfortunate that most of the people talk only about exterior part of the body, mind as yoga and keep focusing on learning its asana, pranayama and a little about sitting for meditation but on the other hand they forget and miss the very significant part of the life which is LOVE TRULY, it is the only technic or means of receiving the knowledge about self which makes one’s life peaceful and remain in yoga at all the times.

We just try to copy of others but one should understand copy or duplicate remains copy always whereas the original remains original for forever. Here the most important point is how you represent yourself. Here the most required thinking to be focused and taken care is DO NOT FOLLOW THE ACT OF YOUR GURU DOES BUT DO OBEY THE INSTRUCTION/ADVICE AS ORDERED BY YOUR GURU. A sadhaka must avoid from such deeds and keeps faith in his gurudev and provided advice.

One can learn asana, pranayama and other exterior part of the physical functions but that does not guarantee for self realization which very internal part and that can be enlightened only through spiritually by pure devotion and selfless LOVE. It is not a big deal but people made it as such but the main issue is the process for moving on this path of YOGA SADHANA truly.

-Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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