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Top 5 yoga poses for correcting bad posture

Have you ever notices that while working on your computer how many time you hunch over or slouch your back?? Too much hunching over a computer all day long or slouching and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to bad posture. It is something that most of people deal on a daily basis. Not only it affects your confidence level but also cause some health issues too such as lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. And correct posture is that when your back is absolutely straight with your shoulder relaxed, stomach in and chest out.

Yoga is a fantastic ritual to correct your bad posture and the fastest way to combat the negative effect of prolong slouching or bad posture. It is also an effective way to release all the pain that is associated with bad posture. After start practicing yoga you will gain awareness that will help you to achieve that perfect posture as you will be aware of correcting your posture. There is certain yoga posture when practiced regularly help you to achieve that perfect posture. However, if you are new to yoga and still figuring out that where to begin your practice then you can learn by these poses under the guidance of some best yoga teachers by enrolling for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. That will help you to build health, strength and correct posture.

Practice these 5 yoga poses for correcting bad posture

Chair pose
Stand tall on your yoga mat keeping your spine erect and feet slightly apart. Now stretch your arms in front of you keeping your palm facing downward without bending your elbow. Now slowly and gently lower your pelvis and bend your knees as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Keep your spine erect and mind relaxed as if you are reading a newspaper. Stay in the pose for 30 to 60 seconds according to your comfort and then release gently.
Utkatasana or chair pose is one of the best yoga poses to correct your bad posture. This yoga poses give your lower back, hips and chest a nice stretch and also strengthen your spine and knee. With regular practice it aware your body to align itself hence good for correcting posture.

Tree pose
Stand straight keeping your spine erect and feet slightly apart. Bend your right knee and bring your right sole up and press it against your left inner thigh. Keeping yourself balanced stretch your arms above your head in a Namaste position. Stay in the pose for good 30 seconds and then switch with the left leg.
Tree pose is one of the easiest yoga poses to correct your posture as you maintain the balance. It stretches as well lengthen of your spine which is highly beneficial to keep your posture upright.

Cobra pose
Lie down flat on your belly keeping your arms resting beside you and toes together. Now move your palms in the front and make sure they are in a line of shoulder and as you inhale lift your upper torso off the floor firming your shoulder blade back and chest and ribs forwards. Make sure that your shoulder is relaxed and away from the ear. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then release gently.
Cobra pose is also a powerful yoga pose to correct your posture by strengthening your back. It opens your chest and shoulder and also relieves you from lower back pain.

Camel Pose
Start of this yoga pose by kneeling on the floor on your knees keeping them hip-width apart. Put your hand on your lower pelvis to support it. Now gently push your pelvis forward and lift your chest as you lean back against your shoulder and hips. Keep leaning until your both hands touch your feet. If you are a beginner and find it difficult to touch your toes keep your hands on your pelvis and push it forwards gently. Stay in the pose according to your comfort and then gently release.
Camel pose is the best yoga pose to unwind all the effect of those unnecessary slouching you do while working on your computer or in general.

Cow face pose
Sit on your yoga mat keeping your legs stretched in front of you. Bend your right knee and put your right foot under your left hips and left leg in such a way that it stacks over your right knee. Now stretch your right arm above your head and bend it from elbow while bringing your left arm behind your back and interlock your finger. Stay in the pose for at least five to 10 breaths and then repeat it with again with your left leg.
Cow face pose or gomukhasana remove every stiffness from your neck, shoulder and back while stretching your hips and the best yoga pose to correct bad posture.

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