Treating Knee Pain with Naturopathy

Knee pain is a very commonly witnessed problem in today’s world. Since the lifestyles of people have changed a lot and have become hectic, a large number of people are facing muscle related problems in different parts of their bodies. Mainly sports and different heavy exercises cause muscles strains and also serious injuries in ligaments and cartilage. In severe cases it restricts your daily activities too. If you want to go to work, sit down, walk or do anything it causes a hindrance. It is best suggested to not ignore the knee pain that you have been experiencing and consult a doctor to get it treated.


There are different causes of knee pain. It can be caused due to ligament or cartilage problem or due to arthritis in your knee. The ligaments connect the thigh bone to your lower leg bone and if something goes wrong with that ligament then it can cause your knee to be in stable. Knee ligament sprain or tears are common with sportsperson because it involves a lot of knee usage. Cartilage covers the end of the bones and a cartilage tear is a common injury which requires a surgery. Arthritis is also one common reason for knee pain. It is degenerative in nature and eventually requires surgery.


Doctors diagnose arthritis and other knee related problems by doing an x-ray. You can visit a doctor if you are experiencing pain in your knee for more than 3 days. If you are experiencing the pain while doing any of your daily activity then you are suffering with a knee problem which needs to be treated. The pain level normally varies depending on the kind of injury that you are suffering from. You might experience a gradual increase in the pain. Also you might notice that there is a swelling in the affected area. While walking or doing any knee involved activity you might also hear cracking or popping sounds. There might also be a deformity of the knee.



Your knee pain can be a due to a damaged muscle, ligament or cartilage. If the problem persists for more than 3- 4 days and even if it worsens, it is best advised to visit a doctor and get it treated. But if the pain is not that extensive then there are various natural methods to treat your knee pain at home and that too without resorting to any sort of medication.


Doctors recommend cold treatment, cold therapy a lot. The cold treatment helps a lot in reducing the swelling. Applying ice within 48 hours of injury helps the healing process a lot. Because it is believed that ice helps in compressing. It is normally advised to apply ice to the affected area at least thrice in a day.


In cases where an old injury has resurfaced and is causing pain to the affected area all of a sudden, applying heat helps best. Warm sesame oil or mustard oil with bit turmeric is very effective. Any kind of muscle pain can be cured with this treatment.


The home remedies for knee pain or kitchen ingredients which help you cook the tastiest recipes in the world also have medicinal uses which have instant effect. It helps in curing ailments and helps in removing any sort of ache in the body.

Consumption of seeds which have high proportion of calcium in it helps a lot in healing knee pain. Flax-seed, walnuts helps. Amla is also very effective for joints and bones.

Turmeric has great healing powers. It is antiseptic in nature and can cure treat your joints well. Especially when mixed with milk it helps in treating the joint pains very quickly. Since milk has calcium in it and turmeric has healing powers as well.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and having ginger tea everyday helps in reducing knee pain. Ginger with milk can also give you effective results.

Tulsi, as we all know has the most renowned medicinal use. It is anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic. It can also be used externally on the effective area for joint related pain.

Apart from these it is important to take care on your own and do the right things at the right time to avoid knee related problems.


Knee pain generally causes a lot of difficulties, not just on a temporary basis but on a long term as well. If left untreated then it can cause a lot of hindrance in your daily activity. So it is important to get it treated and most importantly get the right treatment. Medicines might provide you temporary relief but to get long term relief, it is best suggested to opt for natural treatments.

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