Uncertainty Principle

("The Crystal Ball" by John William Waterhouse)

« Uncertainty Principle » gets its title from Heisenberg's quantum mechanics principle which states by precise inequalities that certain pairs of physical properties, like position and momentum, cannot simultaneously be known to arbitrary precision. That is, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be measured. In other words, the more you know the position of a particle, the less you can know about its velocity, and the more you know about the velocity of a particle, the less you can know about its instantaneous position. But the subject matter of the song has little to do with science, some might say quite the opposite in fact.

The intent here is rather to convey the difficulty and the value of keeping an open mind while waiting or working for a particular outcome to a process. This is not so hard when the process in question is of short duration. But as the length of time increases so does the temptation to decide that the desired effect will never come to pass, and that it is better to terminate the process, stop exerting efforts and investing resources, and forget about the whole thing. The uncertainty can become harder and harder to bear with time.

But what if this uncertainty is the only door through which the wanted result can come about ? This is especially relevant when one is engaged in a creative process or trying to bring about innovation. Holding on to a vision, nurturing the faith that an experience wasn't instigated in vain, and that the reward for keeping the door open will come, can turn into a tremendously demanding struggle in some instances. But when it's the only way to go, then having the capacity to sustain uncertainty becomes a determining factor in the fight between hope and actuality.

The music is still at the draft stage. The arrangements, for the chorus in particular, will have to be developed, but for now they mostly serve the purpose of capturing the melodies and chordal structures.

The lyrics are almost complete at this point, but they still need a little polishing before they receive the « Final Version » seal. Here are the third and fourth verses, followed by the chorus :

All day - Hoping for a sign

Of presence
Of guidance - Divine

Sometimes it's better not to know
Maybe goes further than a no
The future's not for me to see
But I can wish wholeheartedly

Count on the unknown quantity
Nurture the possibility
Magic needs a way to get in
Let it begin

And when it seems unlikely
That you'll ever be set free
Before the brand new day
Your darkest hour

Forget about what can't be
The sacred, the worldly
Keep open the doorway
Of uncertainty

You may find if you open your mind
That you're one of a kind
In your finest hour
Life loves a dreamer

Amazing discovery
Wildest reality
Your wish has come to be
For all to see

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