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The sanskrit name for Camel is 'Ushtra'.This asana derives its name fom this.
Here,as i had mentioned earlier for the Vajrasana pose, you have to sit likewise in that pose and then stand up on your knees.Slowly,separate your knees till they are around 20-30 cms apart.Placing your hands on your waist in such a way that your fingers would be towards your abdomen and your thumbs towards your back. In this position,throwing your neck backwards,bend backwards from your waist.When you complete your bend, take your hands off your waist and put them on the soles of your feet.So in this position you should look like throwing your abdomen out from the front and your neck as far back as possible.Breathing normally,try to stay in this position for a few seconds.[you can increase the timing gradually after you get used to this] Then come back to the original pose by placing your hands on your waist and stand erect on your knees.Then sit in the rest posture.
Advantages of this asana......Very good for attaining a flat tummy,removes excess fat around your waist, improves your digestive system, energises your chest, lungs and maintains elasticity in your body.

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