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Ayurvedic daily routine
In winter, the metabolism and the physical strength are stronger for
healthy people than at other times of the year. For this reason you can
now be more physically active. However always take care not to exhaust
yourself, rather maintain a healthy balance of activity and rest. In
addition to sufficient sleep, the regular practice of Transcendental
Meditation is a key to deep inner regeneration and relaxation. This
technique of consciousness comes from the same tradition as Ayurveda:
from the Veda. The technique is simple to learn and easy to integrate
into everyday life. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown its
remarkable effect in many different areas of health, even when compared
with other relaxation techniques. Regularity should be an especially
important point in your daily routine, since regularity is good for
balancing Vata. Therefore be regular in your mealtimes, go to bed at
roughly the same time – and not too late – and get up always at about
the same time each morning. A regular daily routine without overload of
stress will support the balance of the three doshas, resulting in a
clear improvement in physical and mental well-being.

Reduce everything that could compromise the balance of your Vata dosha,
especially in autumn and winter. This means first of all stress factors
such as too much pressure at work, long journeys, llate bedtimes and too
much television. Maybe - for a change - read a good book, or listen
to some relaxing music such as Maharishi Gandharva Veda. Scent your living atmosphere with the balancing Vata Aroma Oil.

Herbal oils
The mucous membranes in the nose are especially delicate in cold weather. The best thing is to apply 1-2 drops of Nasya Oil in the morning. Where necessary you can also inhale using Ayurvedic
Mint Oil. This consists of pure essential oils of camphor, mint,
eucalyptus, and other herbs that Ayurveda describes as having a
purifying, clearing and refreshing influence.
Please note that the recommendations presented here are of a general nature, which will be of
benefit to anyone in the cold season. Under some circumstances,
however, an Ayurvedic doctor may give other recommendations,
individually suited to you.
The most important measures at a glance are:
1. A healthy amount of activity, rest, exercise, sufficient sleep and Transcendental Meditation
2. Strengthening, nutritious and hot meals
3. Regular daily routine – especially regular eating habits
4. Warmth – warm oil massage, warm food, warm clothing
5. Strengthen mind and body – with Ayurvedic food supplements

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