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Ayurveda oil massage
Vata possesses the qualities of ‘cold’ and ‘dry’, and it can therefore be
balanced through warmth and moisture. A full-body massage in the morning
is one of the most pleasant Vata-balancing measures. Try it for
yourself! To do this, you massage the whole body with warm, ‘ripened’ sesame oil
or with Vata massage oil containing Vata-pacifying herbs – and leave
the oil on the body for a few minutes to penetrate into the skin. This
massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system, strengthens the
circulation, and helps remove toxins from the body. For this, please ask
for our massage instructions. The shower or bath afterwards should
likewise be pleasantly warm. A warm foot bath in the evening will also
pacify Vata in a very pleasant way.

Make sure you have warm natural clothing (for example, fine lambswool) and avoid draughty or dry indoor climate.

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