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Cholesterol is a fatty element in our blood which is created by the Liver. It plays a vital role in preparation of Hormones & Vitamins. The level of cholesterol in our body depending upon the food we take. Calculate the Body fat & manage The Cholesterol level. Given below are the Tips for controlling the Cholesterol.

Perform exercise on a daily basis like brisk walking for at least 25 minutes. This will help to controlling the cholesterol.

Follow some Weight loss plan under proper guidance.

Follow some Yogasan and Meditation tips for controlling the cholesterol.

Natural Tips :

Eat Healthy diet which includes green vegetables and fruits.

Avoid eating junk foods like chips, pizza, burger and other foods that are increase the cholesterol.

Avoid full cream dairy products and most cheeses have a high fat content.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohols.

People who eat fish two or more times a week suffer less from heart disease and high blood pressure. This is due to the omega-3 fatty acid content of fish. It reduce the fats so eat fish regularly.

Without Drug :

Include aerobic exercise in your daily routine. Walking at a rapid pace, running, riding a bicycle and swimming are all good options. Reduce the stress it may help to decrease the cholesterol. You need to choose the correct diet plan. Diet should include regular amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables . To know more visit

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