Yoga is an ancient practice that brings union or harmony in mind, body and soul. Most of the people think yoga is all about that complicated asana that makes you flexible but it is more like a spiritual practice that going to improve your whole persona in the terms of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In yoga, there are many hand gestures or mudras done while doing pranayama and meditation that guides the energy flows to the various parts of the brain. These mudras stimulate different parts of your brains hence very beneficial in overcoming any ailments. If you want to know more about these yoga mudras then signing up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will give you more insight about.

There are many yoga mudras and each of them has its own significance. Here are eight prominent mudras which when practiced regularly helps in overcoming any sort of ailments.

Gyan Mudra
To practice, this yoga mudra touches your index finger with your thumbs and keeps the rest of the fingers straight. One can perform this mudra in the morning at the stretch of 20 to 30 minutes sitting in a Sukhasana.
Gyan mudra when practiced regularly helps in opening root chakra hence reduces the stress and anxiety. It stimulates the air elements in your body hence leads to improve the functioning of the nervous system, pituitary glands. When practiced in a long run Gyan mudras help in relieving you from many psychological disorders like anxiety and depression.

Yoni mudra
To perform yoni mudras join the tips of your thumbs and index finger and let the rest of the fingers fold down. Let yourself rest this mudra near your abdomen with your index finger pointing down while sitting in a Sukhasana.
Yoni means a womb hence practicing yoni mudra will draw your attention towards inside and calm your mind. Also, this mudra helps in stimulating your feminine energies hence if you are suffering from PCOS then practicing yoni mudra to the stretch of 15 to 20 minutes in the morning will be highly beneficial for you.

Surya mudra
Bend your ring finger and touch the base of the thumb with its tips and then gently press your thumb over it while keeping rest of fingers straight. Practice this mudra in the morning for 20 to 30 minutes stretch to see a good result.
If you want to lose weight then Surya mudra is best for you. It stimulates the fire element in your body that helps in maintaining weight and cholesterol level in the body. Also, practicing Surya mudra continuously helps in maintaining the body temperature optimal and improve your vision.

Vayu mudra
To perform Vayu mudra bend your index finger and press your thumb over it. Keep your rest of the fingers straight.
Vayu mudra deals with the air element in the body and reduces it so that it controls the nervousness and restlessness in the body and ease your mind. It reduces the excess air from the body that helps in reducing arthritis and gout; relax your overstrained muscles.

Varun Mudra
Press the tip of your thumb onto the tip of the little finger and press a little over it. One can practice this asana any time of the day while sitting in a Sukhasana.
Varun mudra balances the water elements in your body hence maintain the glow and lustre of your skin. It boosts the fluid circulation in the body thus keeping your skin moisturized all day long and cure several skin diseases. Varun mudra is also considered as a seat of mental clarity and calmness.

Prithvi mudra
Touch the tip of your thumb to the tips of ring finger and gently press it while keeping rest of the fingers straight. Sit in padmasana while practicing Prithvi mudra in the morning with an empty stomach.
Prithvi mudra stimulates the earth elements in the body hence increase your patience level. It increases the blood circulation throughout the body thus giving your skin a beautiful and natural glow to your skin. It also strengthens the bones and digestive system.

Apan mudra
To practice Apan mudras touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring and middle finger while keeping the rest of fingers straight.
Apan mudra is also known as mudra of digestion that helps in relieving you from constipation, diabetes and piles. Also, regular practice of Apan mudra helps in detoxifying the body. It is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from heart and stomach disease.

Shunya mudra
Known as the mudra of emptiness; to practice Shunya mudra sit in padmasana, bend your middle finger and touch the tip of it at the base of your thumb and press it with your thumb while keeping rest of your fingers straight. One can practice this yoga mudra in the morning at the stretch of 15 minutes.
Shunya mudra when practice regularly helps in reducing the watering of eyes and ear ailments. It reduces the air element in the body, opens the heart chakra and improves your hearing abilities. It also strengthens your bones and beneficial in healing thyroid and heart diseases.

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