First of all let me say that I am enlightened hehehe. When I say that I mean that all of us are enlightened. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to communicate would we? There is a light within us that makes it possible for us to be aware, to know, to think, to remember and be active through the body mind and senses. That light or awareness makes it possible for us to sleep, dream, and to wake up from sleep, to a new day with all the memory of the previous days of our life in continuity. That light which is in us, and our being aware of that light is enlightenment.Am I “ENLIGHTENED? Totally ENLIGHTENED?” NO I am not. And neither are you. We have a small 20 Watt bulb inside us which gives light to our mind body and Intellect. Some have 100 watt bulbs, some 40 watt bulbs etc. Limited light to enlighten limited activity. By this limited light we say, I am the body I have a family possessions and friends. We look outside the body and see the world and say two words. “Inside” and “outside” Whatever is inside this body we refer to as inside and whatever is outside the body we say is outside. We are aware only of consciousness which is inside our body that is the 20 watt bulb. We are not aware of the consciousness outside the body. In reality cosmic consciousness is a seamless unbounded awareness, enlightening with the power of a thousand suns. Can we even compare our 20, or hundred watt bulb to one sun let alone a thousand suns?Now what prevents this reality of a thousand suns from enlightening us or rather what prevents us from knowing that we are not this 20 watt light and this little self but the 1000 sun light encompassing the whole universe?We are like a room with walls a roof and closed doors and windows. We believe that there is space only in the room and no space outside the room. If we open the doors and windows we will be aware of a world outside. If we demolish the roof, and the walls the space in the room and the space outside the room are one and the same. Then there is no room but only unbounded seamless space. The space which is inside us and outside us is not merely space it is conscious space. We have to realize that by going out of our body consciousness to cosmic consciousness. That is what I think is ENLIGHTENMENT. I would like to initiate a debate based on comments.
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