why can't i feel any wonder in existence? could it be , because i know too much? i have acquired knowledge..i have gathered it from here, from there..it is not my own..and many times i doubt its authenticity too..knowledge has not grown in to my being, i have not given birth to it...it gives me a very gratified ego to feel ' i know.' and the more i become settled in the idea of ' i know ' the less and less i feel wonder in life. knowledge more often destroys wonder.And wonder is the source of wisdom, wonder is the source of all that is beautiful, and wonder is the source for the search, the real search. wonder takes me on the adventure to know the mysteries of life.

i am knowledgeable..have i come to a full stop? i am like a computer, my mind programmed.i have many degrees and diplomas.from great educational centers and i have accumulated much information, but may be that information is destroying my sensitivity to feel the mystery of the flowers, the trees ,the sunlight and the moon...because i know all the answers..how can i see any beauty in the moon? i already know everything about the moon.when i read someone comparing his beloved's face to a moon...i laugh ! i may be mathematically right, scientifically right, but poetically wrong. and life is not only science,,a few windows should be left open for poetic experiences so some sun,some wind and some rain can come from real existence..i cannot be thrilled by life if i am just too filled with knowledge..

miracles are happening all around , but i cannot see anything, i am blind ; wonder is precious.let me regain the wonder that i had when i was a child.if knowledge comes in way...let us drop it !
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  • Thought is the culprit. Your thoughts which delve deeply on all the knowledge you have accumulated over the years fill your mind. You need to empty your mind. These thoughts act as a barrier. When you empty your thoughts you are free from your past. Without freedom from the past, there is no freedom at all, because the mind is never new, fresh, innocent. And when you are so new, fresh and innocent you become so aware, you become aware of the earth, the beauty of the earth, the dead leaf, the dying daylight, to be aware of the beauty of the wind among the leaves, to be aware of your thoughts, your feelings. That means to be aware without choice—just to be aware… And when you are so aware, then there is attention. When you so profoundly attend, there is no centre as the ‘me’ to attend. And where there is attention there is silence… That silence has never been touched by thought. It is only that mind that is utterly free from all the travails of life, it is only such a mind that can touch the supreme. Let go of all the knowledge that you have accumulated, it is of no use. To experience the supreme consciousness within and to witness the harmony, wonderment of the world within and the world outside empty your mind, let go all your thoughts.
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