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Yoga is one of the therapy that provides physical and mental relaxation to the people. After a stressful day at home or office, if you do so some yoga exercises for relaxation, you would feel really good and energetic. Men and women of any age can do Yoga and get greatly benefitted by it.

This will make you feel very relaxed and also keeps your mind calm and cool. Below mentioned are a few yogic postures that can make you feel relaxed.


This is a very comfortable form of yogasana that can be done by sleeping. You will have to lie above your right arm and the right arm should be used as a pillow. Make sure to rest on the right side when you do this.
Breathing is made very easy by this. It also greatly helps in improving the process of digestion.


This is also very famous as Snake pose. It gives good relief to your spinal column and also the nervous channels will function in a fine way.
You need to lie on your stomach and the legs needs to be stretched and toes should be pointed outward.
Arms should be on your sides and palms should be down. Forehead needs to be on the floor. After this raise your head very slowly and move your neck towards upward direction and backwards.


After all the yogic exercises, shavasana is usually done. This is of great use when people experience stress or fatigue. This is just the way you sleep straight. Make sure to loosen your body when you do this and be straight.
Close your eyes and feel relaxed. None of the body parts should move during this stage. All the muscles of your body gets relaxed when you do this. By doing this asana on a daily basis, the blood pressure will get into the normal range.

This asana will make you feel extremely relaxed. It is almost like shavasana but you need to fold your arms and use it like a pillow. It helps in relaxation of all your muscles and makes sure to give good mental relaxation as well.
Apart from the yogasanas mentioned above there are many other asanas like halasana, ultrasana and a lot more that will help you to relax and keep yourself calm and cool. Majority of these these forms of asanas are very easy to do

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