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Yoga Holiday in Europe's biggest Yoga Resort

21- 26 August 2016

Enjoy your yoga holiday week (Sunday to Friday) with daily yoga classes in various levels– beginners, intermediate, advanced -, meditation, mantra chanting, lectures on yoga and meditation, guided walks and excursions. A genuine and solid introduction or deepening of an holistic Yoga approach. Exotic Indian Ashram atmosphere in the midst of Europe. At the end of the week you will feel relaxed, energized and fit.

Do you fancy a Yoga holiday? Haus Yoga Vidya, Europe´s largest Yoga and Ayurveda Resort offers many opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, you will find much to interest you in the vast variety of classes on offer.

The Ashram is located in the spa town of Bad Meinberg in Germany’s Eastern Westphalia. Here you can take part in yoga classes, meditation and Sanskrit chanting. There are so many really interesting lectures on yoga and meditation. Also, guided walks and local excursions will help you combine your holiday with your yoga practice. At Yoga Vidya, experience the harmony of relaxation and activity – be inspired to lead a happier life. There is something for everyone, whatever type of yoga experience you are seeking.

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