Yoga Poses for healthy and Glowing Skin

Achieving that extra glowing skin can give ladies a run for their money. Especially, if you are of a kind that is easily captivated with the greatly marketed, flashy cosmetics and other beauty products to take care of your skin. However, to be really honest, natural glow costs you nothing but a little effort.


We look up to the celluloid beauties as our idols for their great looks and skin. Well, they do deserve our attention for their efforts to appear fabulous on screen but what we actually need to learn from them is the hard work they put in to maintain a healthy regime. If you follow some of the Hollywood biggies like Miranda Ker, Jennifer Lopez and are crazy about our desi divas like Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora, then you might also know that they religiously perform Yoga every single day. They swear by its benefits. Yoga not just strengthens and tones your body but also improves blood circulation, which in turn distributes nutrients evenly to the whole body. Yoga serves as a detoxifier to your body and chucks of any kind of dullness, acne or discoloration from the face. Since Yoga activates metabolism, so, when the body becomes healthy from within, the face becomes the mirror of your health.

Root of Skin Problems

Generally, ladies complain of various skin related issues like wrinkles, acne, pimples and dull skin. Some also complain of premature ageing and easily panic when the cosmetics don’t really show the expected results. What you really need to understand here is its root cause. An unhealthy lifestyle like - smoking, drinking, drug addiction, skipping meals or consuming too much fast food are the major reasons that cause dark, dull and acne prone skin. Hormonal imbalance in our body also causes acne and pimply skin. And most importantly, improper digestion is the direct reason for most of your body and skin problems.

To get the most coveted glow on your cheeks, you firstly need to shun all these habits that cause skin issues and start Yoga for a clear and glowing skin. That perfectly pink shine will naturally set in once your digestion improves through regularly performing Yoga poses that are great for supple and illuminating skin.

Shine bright with these Yoga Poses

Trikonasana/ Triangle Pose

Best Yoga poses to open up clogged lung passage and congested chest. Also activates heart valves and pumps. It is one of the easiest yoga poses to perform, that supplies a great amount of oxygen to the skin, leaving it rejuvenated.


This asana is commonly known as cobra pose where the head along with the entire body is elevated upwards. This asana is great for flexibility, alleviates mood, good for kidney and back and distributes oxygen to the body parts. This yoga asana makes your skin smooth and supple.


The Plough Pose as we name it, Halasana increases blood circulation towards face and head and thus is best to achieve that glow skin. It also relieves ailing back and flexed shoulders.


Matyasana is great for people facing hormonal imbalances. This pose relaxes face muscles and normalizes any imbalance in our hormone levels. Good for ladies that complain about acne and pimples.


This backward bend pose opens up ribcage giving space for lungs to inhale more oxygen. Again, extremely great for hormone imbalances that cause acne and pimples.


Best pose to improve digestion and relieve constipation, pavanmuktasana releases your intestines filled with extra air.

Best Yoga therapy Programs to Follow

Kapalbhati – Yoga for beautiful face

This breath in –breath out yoga relieves sinus and improves breathing. As the breathing improves, oxygen supply to all the body parts increases thereby cleansing your skin from within. As a result, you get a healthy glowing face.

Basti Yoga

Basti Yoga is a body spa that eliminates toxins from the intestines and colon by introducing herbal enema. It is extremely helpful in treating digestive and gas problems.


If you want to get your digestive tract completely clear of toxins so as to get a clear skin, try shankhaprakshalana.

You don’t need to look too far. Nimba Nature Cure Village is in your vicinity that provides a complete rejuvenating environment and introduces Yoga therapy programs that can help you attain that clear, glowing and refreshed skin under the guidance of highly-qualified Yoga practitioners. The services are not limited to normal Yoga and therapies. At Nimba, Aquatic Yoga and healthy eating habits are highly encouraged serving organic fresh food to their clients.

Lifestyle is all that matters when it comes to healthy body and glowing skin. And Nimba inculcates this thought in every individual that desire to have a great skin and body.

Meditation and Yoga generate positive energy in your body, heals your organs and cleanses your mind. So, follow Yoga just like you brush your teeth every day.

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