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Yoga Vidya: Yoga Teachers' Training - 4 weeks’ intensive

July 24 - August 21, 2016

Learn how to teach Yoga classes – an intensive 4-weeks Yoga Teachers Training at Yoga Vidya Ashram in Germany, Europes biggest and leading Yoga teacher’s institute – with more than 20 years of experience in training Yoga teachers and advanced yoga teachers trainings. More than 12,000 graduated content Yoga students successfully completed our trainings. Our experienced Yoga Trainers will provide you with a solid teaching know-how and the necessary background – an unforgettable experience!


Live and practice yoga as you learn to teach it. This intensive training gives you hands-on experience to the classical yoga way of life which has been adapted to suit western culture.

Yoga Vidya offers this 4 week intensive yoga teacher training course in Bad Meinberg, in the beautiful, pastoral region of northern Germany. Located about an hour south of Hannover, Bad Meinberg is an historic spa-town with clean air, fresh water, and miles of rejuvenating hiking trails. The perfect environment for your spiritual journey to evolve. Please join us for this deeply life-changing event.

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