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Yoga to reach the common busy people for well being

Inspired by Yoga Vidya philosophy and teachings, I feel there is a need for taking Yoga to common busy people who need simple yoga activity to remain fit and active.
Where there is a will there is a way.
I have tried simple and easy yoga postures and methods including meditation and art of healthy breathing that can go a long way to satisfy the common persons.
I know it may not be possible to expect approval and acceptance by experts as they believe in traditional complex yoga activities that need regular dedicated practice and wholehearted devotion.
However my objective is different and I wish that most of the people who shy away from complex traditional methods, should be attracted to the fold of Yoga for health.
Yoga is a way of life and in my opinion there are three stages of yoga ....
first stage being the simple methods that can easily be practised
second stage is advanced stage combining more complex methods that need regular dedicated practice.
Third stage belongs to experts and saints who are the real Yogis' in the true sense of yoga and believe in highly complex methods that have traditional roots.
I am open for suggestions and corrections in my approach.
I feel yoga, dream yoga and wish to promote simple and easy yoga to one and all because yoga way of life can give every one healthy life. Let us laugh for health and together promote simple yoga for everyone and leave complex traditional yoga for experts and dedicated and devoted yoga saints and Gurus

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