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yogasun promotes easy way to healthy living

All of us are gifted with only one Life but can any of us truly enjoy this life without being active and healthy.We cannot afford to ignore our health and waste our precious life. it is better to spare some time for exercise and enjoy everything in life to its fullest. Yoga way of life can easily be adopted to suit everyone.
Yogasun promotes very easy but healthy activities avoiding all the difficult yoga postures, complex breathing techniques and spiritual meditation practice and enables you to take on an easy path for physical and mental well being for healthy living full of excitement and cheerful activities.
Yogasun is a unique combination of various health related activities such as series of easy yoga poses, fun & laughter, breathing methods and totally relaxed meditation that will help to open up the energy channels in the physical body, so as to enable the positive energy to circulate freely for efficient functioning of internal as well as external organs for well being.
Its practice will include various comfortable and moderately activities like enjoying fun, walking, stretching, bending, smiling, laughing, deep breathing, meditating with due importance to relaxation to enhance positive healing energy.
I welcome your suggestions, modifications and better options

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