Mantra Video: Jaya Ma chanted by Kavita

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Jay Ma is a mantra to honor the divine mother. Ma stands for all forms of the Devi. Devi is the Divine energy in the feminine form of the universal mother. In Hinduism the goddess is mainly being called in the form of Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course, seminars and workshops. Enjoy this devotedly chant!In our kirtanbook you´ll find it at number 317. Here is the text to singalong:Jaya Ma Jaya MaJaya Ananda MaJaya Ma Jaya MaJaya Ananda MayYoga English Videos as well on Our english website:

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  • i love this chant! i love all of them but this is so nice. Please if anyone can help me with the chords Kavita is playing so I can practice at home. I am trying to play by ear on my harmonium but not quite right. I have enjoyed this video and chant :)

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