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Mantra Video: Yogateacher chant Shivaya Parameshwaraya

After their graduation a group of Yoga Teacher sing the mantra "Shivaya Parameshwaraya", as part of Saturday evening Satsang in Bad Meinberg, Germany. Shiva literally means the "the Loving", "the auspicious", "the Good". Shiva symbolizes the power of transformation. Sometimes Shiva dances as Nataraja the universal dance of creation, preservation and destruction.

In our kirtanbook you`ll find the mantra at number 258. Here are the lyrics to sing along:
Shivaya Parameshwaraya
Namah Om
Bhavaya Guna Sambhavaya
Shiva Tandavaya
Namah Om

The meaning is:
I bow to Shiva, the Most High God, which carries the crescent moon on his forehead. I bow to Shiva, who creates and destroys through his dance the properties of nature.

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