Traditional Yoga Practices

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Four Yogas are described - “Bhakti Yoga” yoga of devotion, “Jnana Yoga“ yoga of knowledge, “Karma Yoga” yoga of action, “Hatha Yoga” physical & psychological yoga. A common practice today is a combination of all four, or “Integral Yoga”. This is part 18 of a multi-part series on Ayurveda and Yoga by Aneesha Holaday. Aneesha Holaday is a speaker and seminar leader at Yoga Vidya. For more english yoga videos, music, blog posts, etc., please visit our english pages at For more information on english classes, courses and seminars at Yoga Vidya, please see our English seminar pages. Aneesha Holaday is also the owner of the “According to Ayurveda and Yoga” educational website which covers all aspects of Yoga and Ayurveda, including practitioners in your area

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