I have an inner ear problem and have had Vertigo episodes. I am very weary of head stands and any pose that puts my head way lower than my heart. Any alternative asanas to these? This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Sita chaitanya: Jordan do you know what is causing the inner ear problems and vertigo? That would have an impact on any advice you might get here. David: maybe Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) & shoulder stand with your hips on a block? Mei: or standing forward bends like prasarita padotasana where your head can be on the floor akin to tripod headstand but both your feet are still firmly planted on the ground for confidence and stability Hem: Jordan, I sometimes faced the same problem... I tried shiatsu massage for the ears it is amazingly effective and almost instant... U will find it on YOU TUBE... For the vertigo- While going into the asana go half way, inhale, exhale,inhale, exhaling go down to the final position. Most important is to be careful while coming out of the pose... while coming up again come slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwly half way up, then exhale, inhale, exhale, come up while inhaling. DO not close your eyes at all!! Try this and give me feedback... Mamta: Aum, you can do all forward bends, with your chin slightly up . headstand yoi can try after your better or try tying a crape bandadage on your head and doing some forward bends. your ear problem: try Brahmari or simhagarjanasan. Guru Bala: The best pose for vertigo and inner ear problems is KARNABIDA ASANA, i/e in Halasana, you bend your knees by the side of your ears, the result is amazing and very fast !

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  • These are all good alternatives - I am wondering why there must be alternative asanas. I suggest that if you have vertigo, maybe you can forgo inversions and focus instead on standing poses, seating poses, and twists. There are still tons of fun things to do outside of head stand and hand stand etc.

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