Namaste, Hi, friends on Yoga! Now In my personal Hatha Yoga practice, I decided to experiment something new and did cross-legged padmasana in the opposite way, say, the left leg on the right muscle and the right one on the left. It was no so hard but the sensation was subjectively something strange, alien I would say! Hah, hah! The point is that I am worried about the foundation of this performance due to could I think of it in terms of laterality or in the Ida-Pingala background. So it is not a matter of game. Have you ever practised this asana (lotus) this way? What the foundation? What the results? Pretty thanks in advance for your comments.

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  • You must be really flexible to be able to do that hats off.
    • I don't think so, my friend! I'm not speaking of a sort of lotus performed upside-down in shirshasana. I just mean a padma-asana (je, je..) done the opposite cross-legged-way. It's something like demanding the right of a left-handed person when doing Yoga. By the way, Have a great year. Pretty thanks on your words. Best wishes,too.

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