• I will try, without spice its though for me. With practice i can succeed. Today i had 4 large bananas 2 pears 1 hand ball size sweet melon 2 hand full of mixed nuts and 10 dates. To add some spice i went for cucumber onion capsicum cauliflower salad all raw, with all these food i still feel hungry. i understand i am in the beginning stage as i move on it should be all right.
  • First fill your stomach with raw food then for taste and to suppress craving eat little of cooked food.Initially you will find it difficult but afterwards when you start feeling good you will be motivated to continue it.
  • Eat raw as much as possible .80%of your food should be of vegetable juices and fruits.Raw diet plus yoga will make you fit in body and mind.
    • For the past few days i tried raw foods, but ,my hunger is not at all suppressed. Any tips ideas will be appreciated
  • Holistic health consist of mind,body and soul.To achieve good health all the three should be in equilibrium state. Yoga helps Body,mind and soul. Eating balance diet as described in Ayurveda balances your metabolic activity of body.
  • Well to be healthy and in good shape you have to eat right and get good exercise. If you want to follow the yoga traditions, most would advocate a vegetarian diet, lots of water, and doing yogic asanas. You could also do pranayama and meditate. Depending on how healthy you are now, it might be a good idea to see a doctor before you begin, and to find a good yoga teacher so you have have guidance and proper instruction. Yoga can really help get you in excellent health if you are willing to put in the time to make it happen.

    Where do you live? If there is no one in your area teaching yoga I could recommend some books that could get you started.

    Good luck on your journey.
  • what should i do for a fit figgar?
  • tell me what i have to do for a fit body?
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