Help with headstand

Can you suggest me some tips and beginning poses for Headstand, Headstand is warned by most people not to be practiced alone.
This question was asked and answered on facebook - do you have any suggestions?

Sumant: 1. Practice Uddayan Bandha, Bastrika and Nadi Shodhana pranayama. These help strengthen your core/abdomen which is necessary. 2. Start with dolphin pose and practice. 3. Headstand requires strength on your arms, wrists. 4. Start and practice against the wall initially. As and when you progress and are confident keep the mat like a feet away and so on... Just keep practicing and remember nothing can be achieved in a day or two or for that fact even an year ;-)..Patience! Namaste!

Mei: ‎1. bring yourself into downward facing dog
2. as you exhale lower down your elbows to the mat
3. interlock your fingers as in headstand hand prep
4. slowly walk your feet in towads your hands as far as possible
5. lower crown of your head at t...he root of the interlocked palms.
6. stay there in DOLPHIN for a few breaths.
7. everytime you inhale and exhale try to walk the feet slightly closer, if possible until the shoulders are alligned above the elbows.
i find this is a good way to allow the student to engage their arms, broadening their shoulders while pushing the heart space forward in preparation for headstand when they are comfortable in the future

Erica: Practice every night at home, start from using the wall, or just start with legs off the floor, just keep practice and aware, focus on breath and chest opening, everyday little by liittle =)

Ramesh: radheshyambaba-asaram-ramdeo-shivananda-pai-vivekananda-ramkrshna

Judith: Do not despair however if the Headstand is not for you, i struggled with it for years, i have a long thin neck which is easily injured. A wise teacher told me i would get almost the same benefits from a full shoulder stand. and i used to stand on my hands against a wall.
Just do your best Ankish, its not a competition :)
Or Sometimes Sumant in forty as in my case :)

Mohamed: He said peace be upon him: «who tells the best is like the one who does it» Please help me to spread this page

Guru Bala: Practicing Down dog before head stand will make the body feel lighter !

Michelle: I would suggest practicing down dog first to because you need your arm muscles warm (I pulled my triceps tendon last time I did a headstand and I think it's because my arms weren't warmed up) Plus do them against the wall helps to get your line

Loire: after doing the 7 steps as Mei Mei has mentioned above, here coms to some key points too -
calm down
bring your awareness to the core (abdomen).
make a small jump (both legs together) when you INHALE,
maintain the pose when the legs are not c...ompletely straight for a while, then, straighten the legs.
You may need to 'test' on a couple jumps to see how forceful you need to jump.

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  • You can take a wall as first support, kneel on the floor, touch the opposite elbow with your hands simultaneously, leave elbows on the floor where they are, to keep the distance, between the two, form a triangle, folding your hands, the hands should be then somewhat not too close to the wall couple of inches distance, then while squatting, place your head, upside down into the cavity formed by the folded hands, in a way that your hands support the upper rear of your skull, then lowly slowly walk feet towards you, simultaneously this will raise your hips/sacrum towards the wall... keep walking the feet forward (slowly), when your hips/sacrum reach the wall, slowly try to move one or both legs up simultaneously, till the feet touch the wall, then stretch up!
    It will take a couple of tries, keep trying, some can do it instantly, some need to find confidence and balance in being upside down. a helper makes it easier, but can be done alone, with confidence, just trust yourself!
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