I injured myself doing Chakrasana.. its still a reallly difficult pose for me, i had a neck sprain already and i overdid sarvangasana and chakrasana(neck support upon all) so all combined, i injured my shoulder which gave me severe hand pain for about 3 weeks.. now can i go back to yoga, the pain has reduced but it arises if i walk a lot or work at home a lot.. any advices? This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Sunita: dont be in hurry. get yourself cured completely and then with the advice of doc and supervision of a skilled yoga teacher u can start again. Malini: ty for the advc sunita.. Anuj: Hi. I think the hand nerves could be slightly affected & compressed, coming from top of the spine/shoulder.Due to body weight. Take the weight on the shoulders in sarvangasana(not base neck)& hand support on back, no slouch.Repeated urdhava hastasna/virbhadrasana1&2 will increase strength. Malini: oh.. hey, thanks for that.. yes it could be a nerve pinch. ty again. Zak: I really am not qualified to offer any advice. However I do have experience in injuring myself doing yoga. The treatment and rehab vary depending on the individual. However, in my case, I had to study yamas and niyamas, and especially start practising with ahimsa in mind. Zak: Just wanted to add that I did seek medical help with my injury. The good side was that I started to practice with the Yamas and niyamas instead of just jumping into asana. Namaste. Malini: now that is why i am serching for a more quailified instructor.. thanks zak.. i got medical help too btw.. the medicines just help temporarily... Harte: avoid it untill completely healed.. Gayathre: yoga offers a lot of simple asanas. the asanas nay seem simple, but offer huge benefits. when you are injured never aggravate your injury by doing complicated asanas. you can use props to make some asanas easier Anne: Listen to your body - always..... Yenny: of course you can go back to yoga, but take it slow... whenever you feel pain, stop it. do what is comfortable for you. get well soon.

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  • Healing for the place you would like must be focused mentally. And meanwhile you must breath deeply in and out for about 10 minutes or more...Then you will feel relaxation on the painful point...

    Before completely recovered do not get into any asana.

    With love and metta,

  • I agree with all of the above: Go slowly, listen to your body, and avoid the injured parts until they are fully healed. I got into yoga after a hip/lower back injury. In my naiveté I thought building core strength would be the best thing for me to avoid further injury. One day someone clarified to me I would not get better if I insisted on continual re-injury through my crazy yoga practices. oops!

    So I continued yoga, in a less crazy fashion. I discovered restorative yoga, meditation and when I did practice Hatha I severely modified my forward folding postures. I sat out for anything I couldn't do. I built core strength via non-weight bearing exercises such as kundalini breathing etc.

    Please don't aggregate your injury

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