Help with the front splits

Here is a question about the front splits: 

Please help me obtain the front splits, I am about 10cm off the floor.. what
should I be practicing to help performing the splits? Namaste

Our facebook friends had this advice - do you have any other thoughts on this?

Tom: I guess praticing is the response isnt it ? Yoga is a matter of listening the body, as this one needs to get slowly used to this new and wonderful way of living. There is no rush. I am sure Konii is enjoying the benefits of Yoga. Things will come. Namaste !

Sidnei: I agree on Tom... practice, practice, practice!!!

Dina: Yes, I second Tom. Our body has the ability to 'remember' any movements that we are comfortable performing. With practice, as our body 'remembers', it will get easier and deeper. I know. I experience that.

Bharat: the basic rule of yoga: start from where you are, not from where you want to reach.... if you are still in hurry, take help from someone else and ask him/her to put pressure on shoulders... it'll be painful, but, will get faster results, god bless

Sita: Try the pigeon, kapotasana.

Monica: I think ur body will listen when u're ready to do some split.just do it as far as u can go down until u get out d line of ur 'comfort zone' & take breathe control so ur muscle will get enough flexibility and be able to do more, do it slowly... & smooth.practice make perfect. namaste

Shad: Don't forget lunges. Half of Hanumanasana is a lunge for the back leg. Try sequencing a wide lunge, bringing your heart toward the floor, then pigeon, then Hanumanasana prep (hips high back thigh perpendicular to the floor), then slide the front leg forward toward full Hanumanasana. 5-10 breaths each pose. Jai Sri Hanuman!

Judith: I totally disagree with Bharat Tyagi, please dont listen to him!! not only could this be painful but dangerous once when i "forgot" for a moment that Yoga is not about 'EGO" and tried to push to hard in the splits i injured the Tendon runs down the back of the leg it took approx 3 months to heal fully. at 63 and after 40 years of Yoga im still a little off the floor in the splits but feel pleased with that, i believe in pushing a little, but not past the point of pain, its not a competition, after all. Yoga is a Beautiful discipline and its about much more than the physical, gently gently Konii listen to your body :)

Konii: Namaste everybody...Thank you for the tips and the encouragement. I do listen to my body and it feels it can go further but doesnt seem to...patience and practice... hari Om.

Jana: Thats right, patiens and practice! My question to you would be: where do you feel it can go further but doesn't seem to? The Hamstrings or the Hipflexors or both?

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