• Hello, I felt the benefits just after one class. I was so relaxed like never before. Many of my students now feel the benefits quite quickly. So it is worth trying.

    Kind regards

  • Most people feel benefits in and after the first Yoga class already. Effects come quite fast in Hatha Yoga: You feel lighter, more energized, more relaxed right after the first class. If you take a Yoga Class once a week, you should feel the benefits during the first 4-5 classes in regards to your health and general energy level. Empirical studies show: Health benefits re. blood pressure, headaches, sleep disorders, asthma, back problems etc. will come in 4-6 weeks.
    If you go to a Yoga class for 1 months and don't feel benefits, you might want to consider changing your Yoga teacher. There are many Yoga styles and the teaching of Yoga is very individual. You have to find a Yoga style which corresponds your personality and your body.
    If you practice with books/Video/Web Pages etc. and you don't feel the benefits, you might want to consider trying out a few Yoga Classes.
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