For those people who practice a lot of yoga by themselves at home it is sometimes difficult to stay inspired, and experience each daily practice with full concentration and enthusiasm. Here I thought it might be useful for people to post things that they do with their own personal practice to help keep it fresh and interesting.

Some of the things I have done in the past to keep inspired include:
  • practicing in a different room
  • changing the order of the practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation
  • changing aspects within the practice, for example, some days doing lots and lots of sun salutations and no other asanas, etc.
  • learning new things to add to the practice, like bija mantras with sun salutations
  • using inspirational background music, like mantras
Does anybody else have any ideas they use? I would be interested to hear them... all of us can help each other with our ideas :-).

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  • Here is an article with ideas on how to reinspire yourself in your yoga practice if you find yourself losing motivation.
    • How many times the mala has to be changed, so mantra doesn't get boring..

      How many times the mat, because of it's color, the plate that the food still inspires appetite?

      When will it be US, this "Me", this "I" which craves, pushes and longs for the "new", when does one decide to simply change this, it's attitudes.. then one may understand, that it is as is, and it's as good as it get's, no "change" can make it better, it's changing all the time anyway, it's the senses, this "I" which longs for control, for action, for leadership, just for the sake of it and remember if it's not good enough, it's not good enough!

      - Om shanti, shanti, shanti-he -

      - Namastasje -

      Wann uns, dieses "Ich" das nach all dem so hungert und draengt, es draengt nicht der?
  • Some time ago I wrote this article for my blog on how to have a home yoga practice.

    May it will give some ideas to others practicing at home or thinking of starting.
  • Agreed on the basic idea - what do you do if you have only one room at hand?
    • Well if you have only one room you would have to try either changing direction in the room, or changing what you look at... you would have to be creative. Basically for me it is just finding ways to make some aspect of the practice different so that my mind doesn't get bored.
  • Thanks for all your comments so far. They are inspiring me! Generally I like practicing by myself at home but sometimes I need new ideas... :-).
  • i always do my yoga asanas out the ravesh . in front of my house a big open ground & many peacock are their. it is lovely picture . i enjoying pranayam .
  • We can also try going to some place different like a quiet square near home!!
  • Yesterday i practiced asanas for the first time at home. I did it in my room and with background soothing musics, my windows are opened and i feel totally relaxed and enjoyed the session for more than 1 hour. A big tree is just in front of my room, and i heard birds chirping and i can smell the natural breeze of the leaves/tree. That makes me drag the session longer and did my asanas until I'm exhausted followed by corpse pose. I totally relaxed after that :)

    I enjoyed practicing at home simply because i can do/adjust at my own pace, no rushing, full concentration and is so quiet :)
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