How to reduce body heat in a natural way? This is a good question posed by one of our Facebook friends, do you have any other suggestions besides the following?

drinking tender coconut water reduces body heat naturally

Karen: Cooling pranayama..

Nitin: Original "khas" sharbat is very usefull in body heat, it must be original not scented! Its not only useful 4 body heat but burning sensation while urination. Chandraprabha vati also useful

Abhi: Sitali Pranayam is one.. several others.. mostly food..Ayurveda

Mita: having butter milk.....thin is good for cooling ....n can rub ghee on the foot for works.....

Praveena: cook moong dal add milk,water and little sugar .Have like kheer.

Angele: Sitali - Cooling breath

Mai: sitkali and sitari pranayama

Tzetzka: cumin, coriander and fennel seeds- you can make a tea

Jasdeep: goond katira is very useful to get rid of body heat. Put it in water overnight and have it in the morning with roohafzaaaa

Keerthana: first thing to do is, lottts and lotts of watery butter milk, whole day. and cucumber.

Susan: Cooling breath -- curl tongue and stick out -- and then slowly inhale/ slip breath through the mouth and then exhale threw the nose

Loire: I do the cooling breath to reduce excessive body heat too, it is effective.

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  • when i was in 5 my parents had given korez kasthuri a medicine which increase the body heat very much. now i have been suffering from body overheat. Is there any yoga to reduce overheat of body
    • Sitkari and Sitali are two good pranayamas for reducing body heat. If you go to the videos link on this website I know there is a video showing sitali, if you don't know how to do it already. Hope you feel better.
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