Is Kundalini power awakening necessary for a yogini/yogi?

One of our facebook friends asked this question. Here are some replies - do you have any other ideas to add to this?

Angele: If you are practising yoga on a regular basis, it will come naturally

Chetankumar: Kundalini power awakening is the last stage of Yoga,

It can be aroused by rigorous planned training ,under proper guidence and supervision

Or by chants of specific mantras,

Or through ultimate devotion to Lord Shiva(God of Yoga),


Always do it the supervision of eligible Guru(Teacher)

Anne: Kundal means serpent -- and it si this power that lies coiled and dormant in the muladara chakra - but can only be awakened by sadhana and Guru Kripa. Kundalini is not a physical occurence really more about awakening of inner knowledge, wi...sdom and clarity -- the development of consciousness.. Its developing self discipline and self control. its the energy that awakens all of the chakras. It helps to liberate us from ignorance, illusion and fluctuating thought -- and liberation is the goal of YES this is necessary. :) When we have this awareness, our perceptions of cosmic vibrations and radient energy become more sensitive. And our understanding of the connections and laws within the universe deepens. The experience of the feeling of a snake crawling along the spinal column is false (and if you're feeling it then you should go see a doctor!) :)

Topos: it depends, to awake Kundalini one must be prepared...Its like Chentankumar says...we need supervision, meditation, special training, etc

It can be dangerous if we are not prepared and just thats not good

Anne: @Topos - it's not my post....its the awakening and development of consciousness....Namaste.

Robert: Every awaken man has the Kundalini up to Ajna chakra.

Natasha: Kundalini masters are found mostly in Himachal Pradesh INDIA . 

is kundalini power or shakti necessary ? Kundalini is a dormant force residing in everyone every being . ALL YOGA is kUNDALINI YOGA in some measure or the other awakens the shak...ti . Whenever you practice any yoga you are practicing kundalini ONLY . All yoga is a subset of the KUNDALINI . 

Kundalini is associated with SHIVA and also with the greek god 

DIONYSES the god of metaphorphosis .. >> It isnt exclusive to the Hindus . but everyone without knowing what they were doing did awaken the kundalini in some form or the other . 

but its only effective when one is aware of what is happening . 

Its a long topic . If you wish some videos i do have them .

‎Chetankumar: @Anne - its good theoritical explaination about kundalini ,u shared.

Most kundalini books will paste ur comment.these books are good for theory and knowledge.

But i never visited any doc till date for any reason whatsoever, once i realised d...a snakes around me.

I am so grateful to da ancestors who discovered dis healing power in us.

May god give peace to their souls.

‎'Yatha pinde tatha brahmande'

Kundalini has every atoms, molecules and energies that exist in da universe.

Even scientist r careful while handling radioactive products.

Y shud, we b not cautious ,handling kundalini?

Ratna: whatever little ive read i think i agree with @anne that kundalani is awakening of yourinnerself . its not dangerous but I GUESSshould be practised under eligible guru.

Ramesh: yes.pranayam ...............

Victoria: I think that the only danger in awakening kundalini without a guide is to wake up emotions that we cannot handle for ourselves, as I could see in a lot of kundalini practitioners that start practicing yoga with this and no other preparation... before, without properly embrace of the teacher or guru. I dont know about the world, but in Argentina is very "on vogue" to practise "kundalini yoga".

I agree with @Anne and @Natasha. Namastê.S

Sita Chaitanya: I think the comparison between kundalini rising up the spine and a snake has more to do with the kundalini making a hissing noise like a snake than it does with how it feels. 

It is absolutely possible to feel it going up the spine. Maybe people don't feel it and experience it more as just an awakening of consciousness, but there are people who can feel it, it is not imagination. I think there are differences in the experience between different people, not everyone will experience all the typical symptoms.

It is possible to awaken the kundalini prematurely and have some terrible physical consequences. Frequently it has to do with not following a yogic diet and purposely trying to awaken the kundalini without other supportive practices. It can be very physically debilitating. 

Jeff: the *serpent* here is obviously symbolic - the purpose of the image is to simultaneously encode and program an experience that cannot be put into the linear verbal form so loved by the rational mind

Natasha: kundalini has feminine qualities ..

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  • Its not required but as per the Kundalini Course, Kundalini is the dormant energy inside all human beings which runs the entire body. There are particularly 7 chakras which are the actual pathways for the kundalini to rise on.

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  • The system of yoga has developed many techniques to help students awaken the dormant force of kundalini. An authentic teacher chooses the most appropriate method to help a student to awaken the force within. This method must be carefully selected according to the individual students abilities, tendencies, and level of attainment. However, not all those who claim to be teachers have the level of realization required to be able to guide students systematically, so students should be careful in selecting a teacher.


  • I fully agree with Angele, Kundalini automatically awakens if Yoga being practiced regularly.
    In practicing Yoga, (Meditation) a state of thoughtlessness is a must. It is said that the Kundalini
    awakened people are blessed with "Ashta-Siddhis". As per "Shiv Swaroday" also, Ashta-Siddhis
    are gifted to the person who controls the force of exhalation to the extent that it is not felt even
    if the palm is kept at a distance of one finger away from the nose. Generally, the force of exhalation
    is felt at 10 fingers distance from the nose. Gradually, as distance decreases, "Siddhis" automatically
    are gained by the "Sadhak".


  • Thank you for this very detailed reply! Namaste!

  • I would not say Kundalini awakening is necessary. One can enjoy yoga for many years and not have that experience. Start with the yamas and niyamas. Move onto asana and meditation. Find a safe teacher - and see if Kundalini is appropriate. Not something to mess around with lightly.

    • You are absolutely right De Silva. One should start from Yam, Niyam, Asans, and so on to
      reach Dharna for developing a firm determination to meditate. It is like a student, who have not cleared
      first standard and is promoted straight to the seventh. One can understand about the fate of the child.


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