This question was asked by Konii:  " hari Om, what is a good meditation/ mantra for addiction and resisiting the naughty urges in, alcohol, cigarettes, enhance self
disapline....Thank u Konii" 

Here are some answers from our facebook friends - do you have any other suggestions:

Diah: Always asked to ur self before eat/drink something : is my body needs this? or is it good 4 my health...?

Elaine: Drugs are real poison, a real suicide, including cigarettes. Alcohol and some juke food  are allowed sometimes in may oppinon, but Diah is right. If you use them always your body will suffer in future. Yr soul too.

Valerie: i break into Om Mani Padme Hum when it's all too much to bear.

Coral: Meditating with an amethyst crystal morning &prayer "asking for the amethyst to help guard against the evils of alcohol", prayer at night (I wore my crystal during the day) thanking the amethyst for its help in guarding against alcohol, I found helped with will-power of course! Cigarettes I read Alan Carr easy ways to stop smoking book a success for me, & food, well I bless with reiki energy's while preparing..only eat when needed-again Will power! Good luck Bright Blessings :)

Konii: Thank you all for your encouragement, although not for myself, I have beaten those demons but for my them a variety of techniques to try......Hari Om Tat Sat...... Coral , My daughters name is Amethyst.....xxxx

Mandie:  ‎"Healing The Addicted Brain",written by Harold C Urschel,MD

Mei: let your breath be your compass, listen and feel the subtle nuances in your breath. it will guide you towards a more balanced life and towards making better choices.

Rashmi: loved all the views shared .thanks ..what had helped me was seeing videos in youtube of the damage addiction does to our body...for just a moments pleasure we subject ourselves to life long suffering...and then you suffer Alone..our body is our Temple...

Vivek: i have tried myself "do surya namaskar in morning 3 times everday"

it will not just remove toxins from ur body but from ur mind as well
sleeping early and getting up early will automatically make u feel relaxed
and listen some Buddhist mantra... or siva sutras u will definitely like it

Shailendra: You can ask your students to repeat their resolve thrice before starting Yoga Nidra and thrice again on conclusion of Yoga Nidra. Swami Satyanand said that any auto suggestion given in this manner is sure to materialise.
You may like to hear... his cassette on Yoga Nidra.

Nalini: surya namaskar can also tire what is good for u.2 much hype about surya namaskar.

Shirley: just following the good, for example: when somebody just tell you that you can,t smoke here Sir.we feel sorry the smokers here.

Premal: Gayatri mantra... 
|| Om bhur bhuvah swah, tatsavitur varenyam, bhargodevasya dheemahi, dhiyo yonah prachodayata ||
Translation: I meditate on the divine light, pervading all 3 worlds, which removes the darkness of ignorance, let that ligh...t guide my intellect.

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