• 1. Eating meat [ Taamasika Spiritual way] or not eating meat cannot stop you from achieving spiritual salvation.
    2. Even Vegetables have life in them.
    3. Non-eating of meat [ Vaeeshanavee Spiritual way] certainly helps quicken your spiritual progress...It's ONE OF the MOST EFFICIENT SPIRITUAL WAY OF PROGRESS...!
    4. It's said that a COW has the maximum amount of POSITIVE ENERGY...If a patient touches a Cow for certain number of days, the patient can get cured..! But, the COW-meat is said to be the DARKEST and containing maximum amount of the NEGATIVE BLACK ENERGY....!
  • OM

    I don't think it is a matter of "requiring" - but more a question of: why keep pouring dangerous toxins into the body that you are trying to purify. It blocks the nadis, as well as the physical blood vessels.

    Kundalini yoga can be a difficult and dangerous path - you need all the help you can get. So, why work against yourself by eating non-vegetarian food? You only block your own advancement.
  • i think there is no concern of enlightment. whether you are vegitarian or non far as my concern i am veg.and but non veg, its a weight in enlightment . Our body is made up for veg.actually. when we take the meat no docter tested whether this diseased OR not Its dead body we boiled
    &eat it them.Meat it is itself digested food.there will be no process it vwillconvert i n stach...glucose..factose...then form our body .when you eat you nEver test whether that animal was suffering from any dr test it never. but man is taking for taste.our every cell has own brain..own identity. It may cause the disease not in day not even them..oneyear two year pass if your immune system stronhg may pass five then symptum of CANCER you body cell gradully mitosis start in form of cancer Just as bird -flu come last year. Now the western world day to daychanging into vegitarian life.I HAVE SOME SCIENTIFIC PROOF GIVE BY W.H.O. when we cut the life of animal supposae his life was 10year. but cut it ealier the soul will move in earth. these type of soul sprits join together &form the exposion under earth or on out earth in the form of earth quakes. or sunaamy.every human being release the free our body.& animals release 100time more free redicals it cause & effect more. Lion never eat grass always take meat of another animals.because his intestine is very few longer then mans intestine.for lion it igested food..not to do the the labour of digestion . once i gone throgh my friend in bucher kanna.There was people who were killing the animals i asid can you return his life .He said no...i can.? then i said why you are killing them man has no right to kill the animals. NO ANIMAL NEVER LAUGH . NEVER SARROW the only man who laugh ...cry ...sarrow... for every thing...
  • I'm not the one who thinks that if you take non-vegetarian food you will not become enlightened. Jesus became enlightened. Mohammed became enlightened. Ramakrishna became enlightened. There has been no problem. You can take non-vegetarian food and you can become enlightened. So there is no religious problem about it.

    To me, the problem is that of aesthetics. Because Jesus continued to eat meat, I have the feeling that he has not great aesthetic sense. Not that he is not religious, he is perfectly religious, as religiuos as Buddha, but something is missing in him.

    Ramakrishna continued to eat fish. Just non-aesthetic. It looks a little ugly. Enlightenment is not at stake. But your poetry is at stake, your sense of beauty is at stake, your humanity is at stake, not your superhumanity
  • While it is highly recommended to be vegetarian, as all have said the nadis need to be purified. Alot depends on ones karma and personal health issues. Aside from the physical aspects, mental/emotional aspects of kundalini awakening are very important. As kundalini purges the entire system it is vital to be well balanced in all respects. Many individuals awaken kundalini without any formal practice or dietary restrictions. We also see kundalini awakening in the chinese and martial arts traditions without following yoga guidelines. It is best to pray, love God, seek good council and you will be guided to the correct path for you.
  • Maybe working towards a vegetarian diet might help. We don't to put any extra chemicals or violence in our Bodies and minds. Why use your body as a Grave yard for dead animals ? It is easier to live without that stuff.

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  • Om om,

    I herad Swami Vishnu-Devananda once said that it is worse for the nadis to eat onions and garlic than to eat meat and fish. It would block the nadis more.
    Is this true? Probably Sukadev knows something about this.
    Me personally I think that someone who wants to practice yoga truels and deeply cannot eat meat or fish because there is Ahimsa whichc is probably the most important ethical rule.

    Om shantih
    Lalita Devi
    • you are right
  • my other inquery is-- is it neccessary to have a physical guru for meditation?
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