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namste all
my inquery is-- is it neccessary to be vegatarian for a kundalni yoga practicnior

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I don't think it is a matter of "requiring" - but more a question of: why keep pouring dangerous toxins into the body that you are trying to purify. It blocks the nadis, as well as the physical blood vessels.

Kundalini yoga can be a difficult and dangerous path - you need all the help you can get. So, why work against yourself by eating non-vegetarian food? You only block your own advancement.
1. Eating meat [ Taamasika Spiritual way] or not eating meat cannot stop you from achieving spiritual salvation.
2. Even Vegetables have life in them.
3. Non-eating of meat [ Vaeeshanavee Spiritual way] certainly helps quicken your spiritual progress...It's ONE OF the MOST EFFICIENT SPIRITUAL WAY OF PROGRESS...!
4. It's said that a COW has the maximum amount of POSITIVE ENERGY...If a patient touches a Cow for certain number of days, the patient can get cured..! But, the COW-meat is said to be the DARKEST and containing maximum amount of the NEGATIVE BLACK ENERGY....!


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