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I wish to ask all members and friends whether they have any comments/ suggestions for:------------- Advanced terminal cervical cancer that is progressing very fast and could bring an end to life in just few weeks/ months. IS THERE any natural way to control the progress and advancement through any particular diet/ nutrition or herbs or any other METHOD. U MAY ASK UR FRIENDS AND PLEASE DO GIVE ME UR SUGGESTIONS AND ADVISE IF ANY. MY WIFE IS GOING THROUGH THIS CRITICAL PHASE OF LIFE AND UR RESPONSE IS MOST WELCOME

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  • I am not a doctor, only someone who has been around terminal cancer. What does your wife want? Is she on board with trying alternative therapy or is she looking for pain relief/peace and dignity? I would follow her lead. Any small thing that can make her comfortable, i.e. music she likes, food she can eat (sometimes the hospital stuff is terrible) and she needs her strength - and yes, yoga laughter. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

    If she's ok with trying alternative therapy, what about Chinese herbs/medicine?

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