Names of Asanas

One more question I received via Email: "maybe you know the reason why in different "styles" of yoga the names of the asanas change: like Dhanurasana is sometimes bow floor pose or the full wheel... or child'r pose: balasana or barankasana... kakasana is called balasana by others... so which is the right? " here is my answer: Names: There are different names for the same Asana. India is a big country - nearly a continent. Different names have emerged. Sometimes different Masters have translated the Sanskrit terms into different English terms. As long as one knows what Asana one is talking about, different names can be possible. Any opinions?

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  • Blessed Sukadev-ji
    Regarding your request to post the FREE yoga chart on your forum it is perhaps simpler to provide the link whereby people can download the chart (either as PDF or JPG). The chart now is in color, and is rather a large file. There is a link at the top of the home page which will take you to the download page. You are welcome to place the chart on your web server if you wish, providing it remains unaltered and is free.

    Thankyou for your kind thoughts. Danke Schoen.

    Badri (for Swami Anasaktananda)
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