As a yoga teacher who suffered L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc herniations 30 years ago, I have been pain-free for 28 years now and teaching lower back yoga courses at our center for the past 14 years. For those with chronic lower back pain, you may find my online lower back yoga class and blog helpful.

Recent blog posts include:

A simple and effective breathing practice for lower back pain
Stabilize your lumbar vertebrae during abdominal strengthening
Lumbar disc injury: don't bend at the waist
L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc herniations: lessons learned

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Regarding the online class, it's taken 2 1/2 years to bring it online, so after an initial 7-day free trial where you can observe whether it improves your condition, there is a nominal annual subscription fee required to continue. Both the class and blog can be found at

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  • Hey,

    Sounds really good and i'm looking forward to it now. :) :)

    Between nice website. :)

    • Thanks, Taufik,

      There is an iphone app and a web browser app. If you choose the web browser app, please do not use with a mobile device, but only with a desktop or laptop computer for best results.

      Please let me know how it goes.



      • Hey,

        Thanks for your suggestions!!!

        Will share my experience with you. :) :)

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  • Thank you.... I will research your lesson planning. I too suffer from a slight scoliosis (Lordosio), fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis, it has taken me too many years to know how much yoga has benefited my life in just two months. Amazing is that.


    • Thanks for your response. The abdominal strengtheners do require some degree of effort, and this may result in some soreness with respect to your fibromyalgia. Please take it very easy and lightly, stopping whenever you wish during the practices.

      Let me know how it goes.


This reply was deleted.