Questions about kriya yoga

Do you have any information on kriya yoga?

Some of our facebook friends had this help - what other information can you provide?

Natasha: kriyas are cleaning practices using external tools like water , rubber tubes, cloth , salt , and air .. vibrations , sound , ohmm .. etc etc

Its a big subject : a book in itself .What exactly does he want to clean .

This is one practice where the instruments have to be really steralised or CLEAN .. >>. else they will harm instead of clean .

Shat karmas .. or six kriyaas ..

Sita: I think he means the style of yoga called kriya yoga? Not the kriyas. Harte, which do you mean?

Veronic: there are several videos on youtube of kriya yoga. You can see them and draw your own conclusions. If it is for you, if you like it, if you could practice it etc.

Harte: @Yoga vidya, you are correct...i mean kriya-yoga not kriyas...

Mei: is kriya yoga something similar to kundalini?


Ramesh: we train in simple yoga and ayurved bizness cell 09819140743

Harte: I have read this Book Autobiography of a Yogi, But he has not explained practicing technique, he has just written a preface kind of stuff for Kriya Yoga..

Roy: i do read the same book Autobiography of a yogi.,frankly speaking i don't enjoy much,especially didn't get any idea about Kriya Yoga, but why kriya Yoga, and why not vichara marga?

Suresh: kriya-yoga is one of the highest form of yoga.these r certain processes that takes one to highest levels of awareness.these can only be learnt 4m v v learned Masters as their are advanced techniques involved. no body can learn it 4m a book or a cd.blessings of GURU N GOD only can make one experience the spiritual awareness these practices unfolds into.

Umesh: Kriya yoga are the highest meditational technique which can be learned after practicing certain techniques of meditation,These are very powerfull techniques.

Ivy: i agreed with Suresh and Umesh explanation...Only to be guided with right techniques. Doing it wrongly will get negatives effects onto yourself.

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  • basically one could say it's enhanced Kundalini Yoga - the awakening of the ""serpent power.

    "Kechari" with intense pranaymas is practiced. the mind is considered the moon "Ida Nadi" apana or passive and introverted, the spirit is reflected as the sun, the pranic or active, extroverted principle is considered to flow in the Pingala Nadi" and you are getting an Idea, both are often seen as referring to the two hemispheres of the brain.

    However there is much, much more to it here a link as the contend is copyrighted:

    and more here:

    it is certainly a technique which requires an initiation through a master.
  • Dear Sita Jee,


    Ms Natasha is taking enema for cleaning her intestines due to constipation and hence using tools and this comes under SAT KARMAS.

    Most of the So Called Kriyayogi says Asana, Panayama is Kriyayoga but the fact is different and to know it one has to bow down the feet of its Master and who could be a Sadgurdev and no one else. This can be received only being a true disciple/Sadhak and it is a pure Sadhana. I have already said a little about it, which is again placed here below.


    What I come to understand about Kriyoga is as below.

    “Sampurna Kriyayoga Kriya Brahmarupam Kriya,
    Sampurna Aadhar Shiva Shakti Kriya Vedarupam Kriya”

    Kriyayoga basically is a “Tantra” through which a Kriyayogi gets his internal power awaked in order to reach totality in his life with very spiritual path of knowledge. So, as it is said above a complete Kriyayoga is Absolute way of Brahma which total base is the Kriya (function) of Lord Shiva and Goddess Maa Shakti Jagdamba and they are full of pure Tantra and that is done with Vedic way is a complete Kriyayoga.

    There are some Asana with some special Pranayama and Mudra but they do not complete Kriyayoga completely but it gets complete when a Kriyayogi uses Veda Mantra too with Mudra and Pranayama.

    Kriyayoga is a very powerful technique to activate his Kundalini Chakras and other power points situated in his whole body. This techniques/gyana can only be received through a Sadgurudev there is nothing alternate at all and GURUSEWA , SAMARPAN and SADHANA are the main objects to pleased a Sadgurudev to received such powerful gyana.

    Mind it, if lacking of pure LOVE one neither devote himself fully to his Sadgurudev nor can serve for him. So how the pure love will be generated in one’s soul that is also a question and the answer is only GURUMANTRA SADHANA and nothing else and a real sadhaka should receive such gurmantra from a real Sadgurudev.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
    A Sisya
  • Kriya yoga is called by Gurus as the lightning path of spiritual evolution and self realization. A couple of websites where you can look for your nearest initiation - , . You should learn this technique from masters or authorized teachers.
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