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Dear friends,
I'm asking your help and advice as I fell in love with yoga, I had an injury June 2016 in my shoulder as I was exercising with my gym bar and and hurt my cuff rotator in my left shoulder... I've been doing physio-therapy and all of that but the pain remains, it slows down for a while and comes back again especially during winter cold days... recently I saw your videos on your videos on Youtube for beginners and I started to practice and I liked it it feels really good, however, I'm experiencing some pain in my injured area in the back of my shoulder..., is it normal to get pain maybe because the energy flows or something like? I've been doing this basic yoga practice for couple of weeks now...If anyone has could help with any advice by experience I'd be more grateful :)
Thanks for having me in your lovely community
Cheers everyone ^^

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Hi, you should go to a doctor for if you feel some discomfort as there may be underlying problems you do not know. Yoga is like a food supplement but you should never go away from food that you are supplementing with. Or, maybe there are some exercises first be done before doing some of the ones you are doing now.


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