Should I stand up after headstand?

Swami Vishnu-devananda writes in his book as far as the headstand:

"Lower the legs slowly to the floor to the original position. Lower the legs very, very slowly and avoid jerks. After completing the asana, stand erect for a minute or two. This will harmonize the blood circulation." 

Now, most sites seem to recommend a child's pose before standing erect, but it seems Vishnu devananda does not mention that, so I ask, should one stand immediately after the headstand.
at the bottom of the page it says: 

"The experience of the headstand 
The headstand is one of the classical yoga poses in which the effect may be increased by concentration on various places in the body, which are energy centres. In this pose the point of concentration is the crown of the head, sahasrara chakra. 

When coming out of the headstand, you stand up immediately and relax with your eyes closed. Afterwards you stretch your body upwards, standing on your toes with your arms above your head, hands folded, palms upwards; this is the palm, the counter pose to the headstand. 

A speedy transition from the headstand to the palm loosens tensions and liberates energy. The energy is felt to flow upwards through the body, and immediately afterwards you will experience an intense state of being NOW. If you want to avoid that or if you faint easily then make a slower transition from the headstand to the palm. 

As it is our principle that our pupils remain anonymous, we cannot disclose the politicians, artists, and many others who are using this pose every day, but they are many. " 

So, should I just stand up afterwards? 


(we received this question via Email - we put it here in this community, so others can give their opinion
Yoga Vidya Team)

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  • In the stand-alone-Asana of hedstand i prefer to stand up erect after a very slow transit from the child pose to Vajrasana and Padahastasana.

    I wrote my experience in the german part of this Forum
  • Actually, in all classes I took with Swami Vishnu-devananda, he let us do child's pose before and after headstand. He didn't let us stand up...
    So whenever I teach headstand, I let students do child's pose before and after headstand. I do the same for my own daily practice. And afterwards comes shoulderstand.

    I assume the instructions re. standing up is meant when you do headstand as a stand-alone-Asana: If you just do headstand, then first come to child's pose. Then do headstand. Then come to child's pose. Then stand up and relax standing erect for a minute or two before continuing with your activities.

    When you do headstand in a whole session (after sun salutation and before shoulderstand) there is no need to stand up erect.

    All the best, and lots of joy in Yoga,


    PS: I am curious to hear others' opinion on standing up after headstand
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